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Financial Assistance*

Of course, monetary gifts are always appreciated and can be designated toward the program of your choice.  Your gift could help us pay the phone bills on one of our three crisis hotlines.  Maybe you would like to support out elementary school programs or purchase books or subscriptions for our lending library.  Together, we can decide how your contribution can be the most meaningful to you and the most supportive of our agency's needs and mission.

Gifts In-Kind*

For Office and Lending Library

Conference table (3'-5')
Rolling desk chairs (4)
Desks (3)
File cabinets
Printer carts (2)
Copier paper (white & colors)
Coffee table (black or black/grass)
Library book pockets and cards

For Educational Programs and Trainings

Portable overhead projector
Easel pads/flip charts
Easels (2)
Crayons, markers, paper
3-ring binders, any size
Poster board
Heavy-duty hand truck (dolly)
Rolling cart
Refreshments for training participants

*We will be happy to write a letter for tax purposes for any financial gift or gift in-kind.

Other Ways You Might Help

  • Invite a Crisis Center speaker to make a presentation to your employees/co-workers, church group, or civic club.
  • Keep a supply of Crisis Center brochures and telephone referral cards at your place of business.
  • Place Crisis Center literature in your pay envelopes, bills to customers, or other mailings
  • Include information about the Crisis Hotlines in your organization's newsletter.

Ways to Help Yourself and Support Our Work at the Same Time!

  • "Buy" a page in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Provide door prizes and goodie bag items for volunteer recognitions and educational conferences.
  • Provide lunch for a board meeting or dinner for a volunteer training in-service.
  • Underwrite printing costs for brochures, cards, coloring book, staff T-shirts, etc.
  • Adopt a single educational program and become its corporate sponsor.

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