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That's what you'll always find on this line - a friend. A real, live person who is ready to listen, to really hear your story and understand what you're going through.

We're not going to judge you, tell you that you've been stupid or get you in trouble. the Crisis Hotline is completely anonymous - no Caller ID here! And you don't even have to use your real name. No one is going to know that you called unless you tell them.

What do we do? We listen. We listen carefully and for as long as you need to talk. We'llhelp you identify the problem and figure out the resources available to help you. We'll assist you in finding a solution that works for you - not tell you what we'd do if we were you.

We can also give you accurate information and make referrals to otherss who might help. Call us about sex, pregnancy, drugs and alcohol, AIDS and HIV, gangs, gay and lesbian name it! The rule is easy. If you're really worried or upset, if you can't seem to put it aside and move on, if you can't find anyone to really hear what you're saying...

then you should call the Teen Hotline.


"It's not like I'm going to kill myself or anything, but..." You never have to apologize for calling Crisis Hotline.

Yes, we do get calls from teens considering suicide.  It's a very important part of what we do.  But we really hope that you won't let things build to that point before you give us a call.

We get calls every day from people just like you who are:

  • Upset about friends, boyfriends or girlfriends

  • Worried about grades

  • Having trouble with teachers and parents

  • Under too much stress

  • In danger from abusive boyfriends or parents

  • Worried about a friend in trouble


Almost 100 young people in Arkansas took their own lives last year. As many as 1,000 young people attempted suicide and many, many more considered it as a possible solution to their problems. Helping someone is as easy as being observant. Learn the Warning Signs of Suicide.

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