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  1. PhoneFriend, a telephone helpline for children grades K-4, is a service of the Northwest Arkansas Crisis Intervention Center. The helpline serves the nearly 30,000 elementary school children in Washington and Benton Counties 24-hours-a-day utilizing trained volunteers.
  2. PhoneFriend provides information and support to children when they are at home without adult supervision.
  3. PhoneFriend has the support of Washington and Benton County school districts, local police and fire departments.
  4. PhoneFriend volunteers are trained to:
Provide a friendly listening ear to children who are lonely, afraid, or just want to talk.
Provide information (i.e., what to do about minor accidents, wet clothing, books forgotten at school, etc.).
Give directions or instructions for emergency situations and call for emergency help as needed.
  1. PhoneFriend volunteers are trained in communication skills emphasizing empathetic listening, and are equipped with problem and referral indexes. PhoneFriend volunteers are supportive and comforting to children.
  2. PhoneFriend volunteers support your household rules by asking: "What would your parents want you to do in this situation?"
  3. PhoneFriend respects confidentiality. The child is asked first name, school and age for data collection purposes. The childs phone number is requested only if the volunteer believes the child is in immediate danger.
  4. PhoneFriend volunteers are trained to deal with problem situations. The volunteers main role is to listen and provide support for the children until the parents return.
  5. PhoneFriend is for your child, whether regularly at home alone, or only occasionally.

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