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Northwest Arkansas Crisis Intervention Center


P.O. Box 1618 " Springdale, Arkansas 72765-1618
(501) 756-1995 Business Office " (501) 756-2338 Fax

The Northwest Arkansas Crisis Intervention Center is located in Springdale, Arkansas and was incorporated in 1985 as a locally-based non-profit service agency. The Crisis Center provides an immediate and confidential 24-hour telephone support service free of charge to Northwest Arkansans living in Benton, Washington, Madison, Carroll, Crawford and Sebastian Counties.

The Crisis Center utilizes paraprofessional volunteers from the community who are screened, trained, supervised and backed up by mental health professionals. A paraprofessional hotline volunteer is not a licensed counselor, but has intensive, specific training in the area of crisis intervention. The Crisis Center strives to respond to community needs in providing vital life-saving services. The Crisis Center offers several trainings a year for people who are interested in volunteering on either of the three hotlines.

Funding for the Crisis Center is provided by area United Way/United Fund agencies, the Charity Challenge of Champions Tennis Tournament, and contributions from area churches, businesses and individuals.

The Crisis Center is a member of the American Association of Suicidology.  

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